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The only tool for your business

Imagine having verified accounting, payroll and legal services, simple invoicing system, project and task planner & tracker and contract document management in one place. That is Trovi.
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what does Trovi offer you?
Lots of features you will love
Trovi is offering many basic or advanced features. Those basic features will offer you everything you can expect from invoicing and time tracking solution in most seamless way. On the other hand, advanced features for accounting, payroll, legal or tax advisory will help you to move your business to the next level.
You can find all your paid or overdue invoices and expenses in one clear and simple graph. So keeping track of your balance has never been easier.
Company register
When you create new contact, all you need to do is to fill in a name or ID of the company and Trovi will fill in the rest.
Document personalization
Create clear and stylish invoices with your own brand identity thanks to different invoice templates, own logo and stamp.
Easily keep track of your expenses which impact your business and profits.
Orders and Price offers
Create professional and stylish price offers and orders for your clients or partners.
Projects and timesheets
You can track projects and tasks for your customers and organise them easily. Afterwards, timesheet and invoice can be created in just 2 clicks.
Why Trovi?
Nowadays all entrepreneurs regardless their size share many common problems. For example it is hard to get verified business services for reasonable price or unified and simple system, where they could manage their business from one place.

Trovi is platform with open ecosystem, which will fulfil your very basic needs such as invoicing or expense tracking and will also solve more complex agenda like accounting, payroll, legal, tax or other.

Trovi keeps up with the times and will fulfil needs of Freelancers, too. It offers Tracker module, where they can manage, track and invoice projects for their clients. Trovi is one-stop-shop tool for your business and we are working hard to provide you with powerful helpmate.
How much is it?
We have two basic plans, both of them are free for first 45 days. Get professional business administration and invoicing tool, which will make your work easier. Take advantage of free trial and try Trovi today!
Suitable for self-employed and small businesses.

4,30 €/month
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Price incl. VAT
Several companies in one place.

9,90 €/month
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Price incl. VAT
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You have just seen all of the features and benefits of Trovi. Try them in your company today and shift your business to the next level now. Save time and money with Trovi and register for free trial, which will give you 45 days free of charge.
Try it free for 45 days