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what is trovi?
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Invoicing tool, project management and time tracker, integrated business services such as accounting, payroll, legal and tax advisory. That all is Trovi. One comprehensive tool will cover all the needs of your business from now on. Pleased to meet you!
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Graphic designer, programmer or freelancer, small business or larger company with dozens of employees?
Trovi understands everyone.
For freelancers, Trovi is ideal tool for business administration with latest features. The main advantage is project and time tracking feature for your clients, so you can invoice them in just 2 clicks.
Small business
As a small business owner, you need to be efficient and not to waste time. Trovi is digital platform that easily and quickly provides invoicing, expenses tracking, accounting and legal services.
Small and medium enterprises
With growing or larger company, administration demands are growing, too. In Trovi you will also find advanced tools and services for larger companies. It means that Trovi will adapt to your growth rate and size.
What can Trovi do?
Lot of features to help you with your business.
In Trovi you will also find an accounting services section, thanks to which you can use professional and verified accounting services or consulting.
Legal services
In Trovi you will also find a legal services section, thanks to which you can use professional and verified legal services or consulting.
In Trovi you will also find an accounting services section, thanks to which you can use professional and verified payroll and personnel services or consulting.
Create invoice with Trovi in just 20 seconds. We have it measured ;) Each invoice has QR code for quick payment.
Easily keep track of your expenses which impact your business and profits.
Orders and Price offers
Create professional and stylish price offers and orders for your clients or partners.
Projects and timesheets
You can track projects and tasks for your customers and organise them easily. Afterwards, timesheet and invoice can be created in just 2 clicks.
Document personalization
Create clear and stylish invoices with your own brand identity thanks to different invoice templates, own logo and stamp.
Company register
When you create new contact, all you need to do is to fill in a name or ID of the company and Trovi will fill in the rest.
Open Banking
New, innovative and more secure way to connect your accounts with your business administration. Thanks to OB you can use automatic payments pairing.
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We have two basic plans, both of them are free for first 45 days. Get professional business administration and invoicing tool, which will make your work easier. Take advantage of free trial and try Trovi today!
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